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What To Send When Setting up Email Marketing Campaigns for Foodservice Businesses

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build an audience and win more customers. However, it’s often overlooked as most businesses tend to exert more effort on social media. The truth is, email marketing is a more direct advertising method and more cost-effective than other forms of marketing. It is not outdated and will not be dead in the foreseeable future. 

In this blog post, we will learn about how you can use emails to promote your foodservice business and level up your marketing goals. Do you currently have an email list but not running email campaigns to monetise your audience? If so, it’s time to do so. emails, when implemented correctly, can help you grow your customer base and increase revenue.

Here are the types of emails that you should start sending to your subscribers:

  1. Welcome Email

When someone signs up for your mailing list, you should send them a friendly message thanking them for their interest or support. A welcome email should also include a brief introduction about your company, additional information about your products and services, and what your customers can expect from you. Welcome emails should not be too salesy. If you want to build a good first impression, build relationships with your prospects first before selling anything. 

  1. Product Update Email

If you are selling many products, be it food & beverage or kitchen equipment, you should be aware of the number of emails you will be sending. Most people don’t want to get bombarded with too many offers. Instead of sending product updates individually, sort the products into their respective categories and send emails periodically. 

Keep the emails clear and straightforward. Add a short description, headline and include a link to your product page. This will generate traffic to your website and make it easy for your recipients to navigate and learn more about your products.

  1. Nurturing Email

A lead nurturing email is a series of emails aimed to warm up cold leads or follow-up with recipients who have not completed a desired action. You can segment your list based on their activities. For example, you can send a targeted email to the ones who have not opened their previous emails. You can also send a new targeted email to the other recipients who have shown interest in your products but are not ready to purchase yet. You can do this by setting up triggers and automation.

  1. Holiday-related Email

Is it worth it to send emails on holidays? The answer is yes. During holidays, most people are on a shopping spree and you can take advantage of this situation. Holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday are fantastic times to get noticed by your subscribers and drive more conversions.

Send a warm greeting and best wishes to your subscribers while inserting your product promotions. This will help you increase your brand exposure and build relationships with your prospects.

  1. Newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the most popular types of emails. With these emails, you can send company updates to your subscribers. You can let them know about your recent promotions, products, and marketing offers. 

If you are running a blog, you can also share that content in the newsletter. Ensure that your newsletters are relevant to your audience. Newsletters are a great way to showcase your brand, provide valuable information, and keep your readers engaged.

  1. Event Invitation Email

If you are running a trade show or event, or an online webinar and product demo, it’s best to let your audience know about it. Send them an email invitation and motivate them to register. Create a professional-looking email with engaging copy and visuals, telling your subscribers the benefit of their attendance.


Wrapping Up

If you are a foodservice business, you should start tapping into the power of email marketing. The best part? You can do it with little to no cost. You can subscribe to email marketing software for a small monthly fee and start your email marketing campaigns. However, to generate the best results, it is ideal to learn the best email marketing practices or seek professional assistance.

At Clover Marketing, we have email marketing experts who can design and copywrite your emails effectively. We’ll get to know your brand message and customers and map out your email strategy so that you can maximise your digital presence and convert your audience into paying customers.

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