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Tips on How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

How to avoid email marketing mistakes

Tips on How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes are something that we usually make in our daily life. From all these some are avoidable, and some are not. To be fortunate, email marketing mistakes are preventable and can be avoided by taking care of a few measures.

To help you with this, here are a few common mistakes and ways to prevent them.

“A good email open rate meets the average, which is 20.94%. The results for your organization, however, will be dependent on the health of your list, the quality of your subject line, and the average benchmark for your industry.”

  1. First and the foremost mistake is when images do not deliver to some subscribers, and the worst is when you realise that portion of your subscribers are not able to see the images at all due to some rendering issues. Then we suggest you not panic and do campaign pre check that is an automated pre deployment checklist that gives the tools to optimize the emails, and making your emails review faster and less stressful.

  2. Next mistake is when you send a wrong link, this happens when a link is broken or a wrong URL is sent. This is very humiliating thing but you can avoid it by checking each and every link URL prior to sending. Another technique is to pre decided the position of inline links at the very start.

  3. Overdose of content, this happens when you bombarded your customers with lot of data and offers which are likely to deserted the conversation. A lot of content will surely confused you and your client and moreover you won’t be able to be confident in your content’s conversational capabilities. To avoid this mistake do reduce your content and introduce value early in the conversation so the customer need not to take more than 30 seconds to understand the purpose of your content.

  4. When something wrong with your font, font plays a crucial role in making content readable. Any unsupported font can distract the reader from your content reading. To neglect this try to use a unique font that will certainly make your content only one of its kind and identifiable. Play around with fonts using a calculated approach.

  5. Mailing to people without their permission, this is a mistake which is actually breaking the law. Most of the customers get annoyed when they are automatically added to the list of the marketers after placing an order. You can do better to make them satisfied like add the checkbox to get permission to mail to people after the event or after placing any order with you. It is a polite and humble request, and you will get a higher quality list.

  6. Disregarding client’s knowledge and requirements, always consider the choice and requirement of your customer before formulating emails. Sometimes this happens when you don’t realise this mistake before sending emails to the customer. Especially this happens when you are offering more than one product to them. Be attentive towards their needs and do some efforts to customise your emails.

  7. Irregularity and Irrelevancy, when your email branding is inconsistent and people are unable to place its source immediately, and they are forced to unsubscribe your email. To avoid this make sure your branding consistent using email templates and always use one sender name while emailing to avoid perplexity. You can also get feedback from the customers and also get more specific preferences of them to avoid the irrelevancy and to get more and more attention of the patrons in very less time.

  8. Delivering an email at wrong time, this is a common mistake that happens that we send emails to consumers at our comfortable time without taking care of the ideal time of our subscribers. So be careful of the right time zone of your recipients so that they can concentrate on your offer at the suitable time. You can also use a calendar to mark dates and perfect times of your clients to avoid the time complexity.

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