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Why is Blogging Important for Your Business?


You probably have a website built for your business and assume that the content on your homepage and services page is enough to promote your business. Most business owners never thought of blogging and don’t want to put extra effort to amplify their content marketing strategy. Writing and producing content is indeed a bit time-consuming but it is always worth the investment.

According to recent studies, about 77% of Fortune 500 businesses have blogs. This means that even though they’re already at the top, blogging remains one of their most essential marketing tools. If you are not adding a blog section to your website, chances are you’re missing a ton of potential web traffic that can bring you leads and sales.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of blogging and why you should add it to your digital marketing strategy.

Blogging Drives Web Traffic

The primary reason why businesses blog is to drive traffic to their website. When you publish a blog post, you are not only sharing information about your products and services but also increasing your opportunity to appear on search engine results pages. Google loves content and by adding content to your website, you are getting more indexed pages and boosting your organic searchability.

Blogging Generates Leads

Before people decide to buy things online, they read a bunch of information first. It includes reading customer testimonials, product reviews, and blog posts. By posting an informative blog that educates your readers about the benefits of your products and services, you can turn the traffic into a lead. Once web visitors see value in your content, they will become more interested in your business. Adding call-to-actions in your blog and setting up a landing page allows you to capture their information and run a marketing campaign.

Blogging Boosts Social Media Presence

You can turn your blog posts into bite-sized social media content. Aside from sharing the blog links to your social media pages, you can repurpose your blog content into infographics, tips, advice, snippets, and even audiograms. This makes your social media content creation easier since you already have available content to utilise. You can share the content to various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and strengthen your reach while minimising workload.

Blogging Drives Long-term Results

Compared to other marketing methods, blogs provide the most positive results in the long run. You can pay for PPC advertising but that is only for short-term results and is very expensive. Buying an email list and running email campaigns might also help but it’s not a surefire way to build your audience and generate consistent revenue. By producing more blogs and populating your content, you are increasing your links and keywords which are vital for SEO. When your website ranks high on search engines, more people will see your business when they type a search query on an internet search. With increased traffic and visibility, you can organically increase your leads and conversion rate.

Blogging Builds Brand Awareness

Blogging helps you build brand authority and recognition. By writing about certain topics in your industry, you are increasing your thought-leadership and establishing yourself as an industry expert. You can also share industry-related news and company updates to keep your audience engaged and informed about what’s happening within your industry. Blogging improves your branding and brand awareness by driving interactions and customer relationships. Responding to comments, answering customers’ queries, and tailoring your content according to your audience’s needs and wants allow you to build more trust and likeability – which are two important keys to growing a business.


Blogging is an essential part of content marketing. Businesses that blog get over 50% of traffic than businesses that don’t. Each blog post has the ability to drive traffic and spread your brand message. If you want to incorporate blogging into your digital marketing strategy but don’t know how to start or don’t have time to do so, our team at Clover Marketing can help. Send us a message to get your FREE website audit and learn how we can improve your digital strategy through content marketing.

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