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Tips to Consider When Creating a Marketing Electronic Direct Mail (eDM)

Marketing emails (eDMs) has fast become a very popular activity over the past few years. To put together a great eDM you need to have design, data & writing skills to deliver an effective eDM communication. There is no hard and fast rule and formula to write a marketing email but there are several best practices that you must follow while writing a perfect email.

“73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.”

Marketing Electronic Direct Mail (eDM)

1. Use an attractive subject line

It is just like a gatekeeper of your email and you will be getting the customers depending upon the behaviour of the gatekeeper. No one will be interested in your product if they are not interested enough to open your email at the first place.

2. Cleanse your data

Pre check your email database with an automated pre deployment checklist that gives the tools to optimize the emails, and ensuring your eDM (electronic direct mail) is delivered to your database without getting a large bounce rate.

3. Establish your purpose

The receiver should take no more than 30 seconds to understand the purpose of your content. If you get your messaging right, you are more likely to receive a higher click through rate on your Call To Action.

4. Comply with the Australian SPAM Act – Opt-in and Opt-Out

Australian law requires you to have gained consent from your prospects or customers to email them marketing communications. You are also legally obliged to give your Contacts the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ if they change their mind after the original consent was gained and no longer wish to receive your marketing material. For further information on how to comply you can read more on the SPAM Act here

5. Keep your eDM content short and to the point.

By keeping the message brief the reader will be able to skim through your message in no time without losing its impact. The easier you make it for the reader the more likely they are to convert.

6. Be consistent with your eDMs

Make sure your branding is consistent using email templates in line with your brand look and feel. When your email branding is inconsistent and people are unable to easily figure out its source, to unsubscribe from your communications.

7. Use actionable language (Call To Actions)

It does not necessarily means using verbs, although it certainly helps to get more traffic to your product or service offer. Your language should be clear and focused towards the action you want them to take after reading your email.

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